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For over 25 years I have been blessed to have as my best friend, a horse named Brown. At 29 years old, she is wise and deep and kind. I picked her out of a herd of broodmares and their foals. Actually she picked me, with her Mama's help. We've been partners ever since. 

Brown is the first horse I "started" - trained and helped acclimate to the wacky ways of humans, and to her destiny as a pleasure riding horse. This all went quite smoothly. For Brown was, and is by nature, sweet-tempered, willing, and kind. She was patient and forgiving of my mistakes.

In retrospect I see that while I thought I was training her, it was she who was training me. She started letting me know many years ago that she had bigger plans for herself than just being my riding horse. She seemed to wait patiently, as the years passed, for me to catch up to our joint destiny.

When I was first introduced to equine assisted psychotherapy, equine assisted learning, etc., I thought it was a little corny. But in time I realized that this was what my beloved pasture friend had been waiting for all along - her chance to shine and be seen for who she truly was - a healing partner, a friend, a guide to help lost and hurting humans find their way home.

I have watched in awe while seasoned seekers - intelligent, self-aware people - dissolve into tears, open their hearts and minds, and glow with well-being and remembrance, just by breathing, quieting their minds, and standing next to Brown. 

It is a gift and a privilege to have such a friend and partner. She reminds me every day what is real, what is true, and what is important. 

I've felt that such a creature deserved her own blog. This site is my attempt to share her wisdom and teachings with you.

With love,
Shelly and Brown

For more information please see our official website at http://www.thehorsetherapist.com/

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